Lingerie Buying Tips

Tips for men wanting to buy lingerie for women.


In order to determine her size you can either ask her (this removes the suprise element though), or look for an item in her wardrobe that fits her well and check the neck tag for sizing.

Choosing a Style

Don't go for anything radical or try to change her style. If she likes lace, then don't buy her spiked leather! Number one reason is this could make her feel inadequate sexually or insulted. She will see this as though you don't like what she is providing you with currently. If you must buy leather do so gradually, maybe white leather with lace for starts and then work up to the spiked leather.

The main idea of buying lingerie is to make your partner feel loved and comfortable with herself. Women love to get lingerie for gifts, especially a thoughtful purchase. If she normally wears panties, avoid the thong-back teddy.

If your Partner is Frigid or has Never Worn Lingerie Before

Start very slow. Try a beautiful victorian gown, not sheer or see through - just good looking. Remember you have got to make her feel comfortable in order for her to feel sexy and she won't be sexy unless she feels sexy. Next time try a pretty chemise.