Enhancing Your Body Shape

A guide to enhancing your body shape using lingerie.

Small Breasts

Choose lingerie that shows off your bottom or legs to distract from your breast size. Other options include: Lingerie with maribou, lace, ruffle, trim around the bra area and non sheer type bra tops with details. If you are thin try wearing a belly chain to show off your waistline or an anklet to show off your legs, stockings and garters do a good job of lowering the eye to the legs also. You want to bring the eyes to the area of your body that you feel comfortable with comfortable with.

Large or Droopy Breasts

Styles with under wire or halter tops can help lift and enhance cleavage. A mini bolero type jacket can help cover breast area flaws. Spandex and lycra stretch materials will allow you to adjust your breasts and minimize them some what with a smooth look.

Large Bottom or Hips

If you've got boobs, show them off! A long loose gown with a sheer top would be perfect for this. Avoid fitted waist styles, go for items that are more straight cut.


This is probably the hardest to hide. Keep styles loose in the waist. Use jewellery to accent other parts of your body - anklets, chokers, necklaces, earrings, and so on. Use fancy thongs, panties, or bras to bring eyes to more favorable areas.


Gowns with slits in the leg area will give you a taller illusion. Short baby dolls can also give you a leggy look. Avoid vertical prints.


Find styles that are vertically striped or cut. Tops or skirts that tie around the waist. White is a good color for you.